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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Summer transfer window closed today and once again Hicks and Gillett gave fuck all to try to strengthen our team. 4th transfer window in a row these two yank assholes made a profit on our sale of players and hardly spent a dime trying to bring in talent. Once again we dont sign a striker, if Torres gets injured we are fucked. Thanks a lot yank bastards, go on and sell the club soon you two fat fucks and fuck off from out great club so we can properly rebuild from the mess you have turned us into.  We couldn't even come up with enough money to sign Carlton fucking Cole for fucks sake! 2 big signings thats it and one of them was fucking free!

What a fucking mess my club is in. 2 idiot American owners have put us nearly $300M in debt and we have a life long Chelsea supporter as our Club President.