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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


People who choose to stand on half empty trains and wont take one of the many open seats annoy the shit out of me. Sit down fucker.
People who do not stand to the right on an escalator annoy the shit out of me. Its ok if you want to be a lazy fuck and not walk up the moving stairs but at least get the fuck out of the way so normal people can walk.
Also to go with that. People who stand on the moving sidewalks in airports. They are to help you get to places faster so either walk or get you and your bag out of the fucking way.
The guy who sits on my block begging for change pisses me off. Wash your feet asshole and I just might then give you a quarter.


  1. You're easily annoyed, eh? Check my blog out. I update daily.

  2. I laff at your rage. Also, I tend to stand on trains. <3

  3. Beggars who wash their feet are nice people and Alex sit down.

  4. you know what i hate? People who cant drive, i almost had 2 wrecks on the way to work today.... are you serious?!